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Witter Towbars are the UK’s leading towbar manufacturer supplying a complete range of towbars and accessories. Working with Witter to increase footfall, acquisition and retention.

All about customer needs

Content to engage

Towbars are not the most riveting of subjects, so we set about looking for an innovate hook to engage consumers. The answer was to attract consumers to the lifestyle which Witter products enabled consumers to enjoy.

The What

A large proportion of Witter’s consumers are from the caravanning market. With summer on the horizon, customers were sure to be thinking about pitching up for their next caravan holiday. Cooking can be a challenge at the best of times, a task made more difficult when camping. So what better way to ease the pain of camping cooking than to create ‘The Ultimate Caravanners Cookbook’; a collection of simple, tasty recipes.

The Why

It was agreed that towbars weren’t the sexiest product and content around them isn’t that engaging. As a result, we proposed a content marketing campaign based on the activities that Witter customers love. The campaign supplemented ongoing SEO and helped to drive Witter’s site ranking while also increasing brand awareness in a key target market.

The How

Reckless pitched a range of ideas to Witter with the final idea shortlisted as ‘The Ultimate Caravanners Cookbook’. Our in house content and outreach team then set about contacting a select number of the most influential camping and caravanning bloggers, asking them to submit their favourite camping recipes. It was key that the recipes were relatively simple and required few utensils.

The publication was then made available as a downloadable e-book from the Witter website and was distributed to industry by the bloggers. Reckless also gained extra outreach by posting to industry forums and press.

This campaign merged the physical and digital world with the publication printed, acting as supporting marketing collateral for Witter when at trade shows and exhibitions.

The Results

Within 48 hours the campaign enjoyed 322 social media shares, achieved an estimated coverage of 61,800, including coverage in The Huffington Post, reaching an additional estimated 57,500. This also resulted in a number of high quality links to the Witter website.

When you take into account the size of the business and its relative social standing, the results enjoyed have made for a successful campaign.


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