Case Study

Tactical Solutions

Tactical Solutions are a leading field sales marketing agency. They help their clients to get a larger share of supermarket revenues by ensuring that their products are effectively marketed instore.

Understanding and developing a USP

Workshops to define on the brand and digital assets.

It can be difficult to stand out in a competitive field marketing industry, so Tactical Solutions needed to define what made them unique. This was achieved through a number of workshops, a new website and digital marketing.

The What

The brief from Tactical Solutions was broad and encompassed a range of marketing activities meaning a roster of agencies were pulled in to collaboratively develop everything from the brand, digital assets to ongoing PR and marketing.

The Why

Tactical Solutions had identified that they lacked a USP. In a market that is heavily commoditised, a distinct point of difference was key. The primary aim of the project was to drive users to their website and once there, enhance lead generation.

The How

Working collaboratively with other project partners, Reckless set about identifying a USP for Tactical Solutions.

Following a series of consultations workshop, Reckless were able to create a site structure and supporting copy that served the needs of the businesses various audiences.

Client interviews provided valuable insight which corresponded nicely with digital marketing keyword research, allowing for a focused strategy that maximised website footfall.

The Results

Tactical Solutions now have a distinct USP; unlike their competitors, they have a full-time field sales marketing team. This means that customers aren’t just buying a service, they are buying a relationship. The new website and brand clearly reflects their USP.

Site traffic has doubled since launch and Tactical Solutions now enjoy over 50 page 1 rankings on Google, 39 of which rank in the top 3.

Over 1 in 20 visitors to the site actually convert. This is a pretty impressive uplift from the 1 in 57 that the previous site achieved.


Page 1 Rankings

Visibility in the right places

1 in 20

Visitors Convert

Convert today, retain tomorrow