Case Study

Anchor Pumps

Operating in a highly competitive niche, find out how we pumped up Anchor Pumps’ organic revenue by focusing on coverage, authority and snippets.

Building coverage, authority and snippets

Using data and content to engage

Targeting customers at the top, middle and bottom of the content funnel allowed us to generate coverage, authority and featured snippets that increased organic traffic and revenue.

The What

Anchor Pumps is the UK’s leading pump distributor specialising in the supply of domestic and industrial pumps. Since founding in 1982, Anchor Pumps has grown steadily in a highly competitive and cost driven industry, expanding their product range from shower and central heating pumps to industrial pumps and pump accessory ranges.

The Why

Anchor Pumps operate in a highly competitive market selling products with a limited profit margin. As a result of this, the digital marketing team were challenged to put together a strategy that increased the overall search rankings, specifically producing a content strategy that acquired high-quality links and drove profitable organic traffic.

The How

Our approach was a multi-disciplined digital strategy that focused on:
Creating high-quality content that was directly relevant to the products
Generating high-quality (rather than high-quantity) backlinks
Building an internal linking strategy that spread link equity between internal pages and helped users navigate the site

The Results

The data collected allowed us to create educational, inspiring and informative content such as our ‘How-To’ guides and product support/fitting service summary. This drove significant interest and enabled Anchor Pumps to reach key audiences early on in the buying cycle. And most importantly, differentiated products when competing with large competitors. The content pieces also resulted in attention from various leading newspapers including The Independent, MailOnline and The Times.


growth in organic traffic revenue


increase in online transactions


coverage on leading news sites