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Succeeding on Cyber Monday

We’ve all heard of Black Friday but for online retailers, Cyber Monday is when Christmas comes early. Offering exclusive deals and discounts, Cyber Monday is when consumers just keep ‘adding to cart’.

Cyber Monday takes place the Monday after the American Thanksgiving holiday and following Black Friday. This year, Cyber Monday will be on Monday 28th November. On this day, most major retailers start their online sales at midnight.

In 2015, UK shoppers spent an impressive £968m on Cyber Monday, a figure that is set to inflate to £1bn this year. Needless to say, Cyber Monday is a day that any retailer wants a slice of. Yet year after year we hear horror stories of big name brands experiencing site crashes, cart abandonment and missed opportunities.

Having enjoyed nearly 10 years in the industry, we have developed five top tips to help you and online offering succeed on Cyber Monday…

No. 1 Health Check Your Website

As an e-Commerce retailer your site should be in good health throughout the year. That said, only a fool would pass up on health checking their website before jumping feet first into a Cyber Monday campaign. Key areas to check are:

  • Product Information: are all your products listed? Do they have the correct products descriptions and complimenting imagery? Are your online stock levels representative of your actual stock?
  • Load Testing: ensure that your site will be able to cope with the increased levels of traffic. There is no point investing in a killer campaign if you site isn’t going to handle the traffic generated.
  • Checkout: is your check out process as streamlined as possible? Does it provide opportunity to upsell and recommend additional products to consumers? If not, you could be missing out on valuable revenue.

No. 2 Put Mobile First

The surge in ‘I-want-to-buy moments’ means consumers spend big money through small screens. Figures released by Google suggest that mobile conversions jump by 50% on Cyber Monday.

The term mobile-first has never been more relevant. Mobile should be viewed as the primary device used by consumers. It should not be viewed as an add-on to desktop. It is a separate entity in its own right and failure to treat it any other way will result in lost sales.

Ensure your site is responsive and geared towards driving conversions on mobile and tablet devices.

No. 3 Maximise New Business

On Cyber Monday consumers are more open to new retailers. This means the opportunity to create new business is rife. But remember, so too is competition. If you are pushing a Cyber Monday campaign the chances are your competitors are too. The key to conversion is offering a different proposition that offers a personalised experience.

Savvy retailers are those that look beyond the fix of a quick sale. By offering a great service you can look to secure future sales and look to build loyalty, remember a customer is for life, not just for Christmas!

No. 4 Stay Loyal

New business is great, but don’t let it cloud your vision when it comes to taking care of your current customer base. Remember they have been there for you the other 364 days of the year; they deserve rewarding too.

Loyalty is a two way street. Look after your customers or your competitors will.

No. 5 Op Out

Does the above all sound a bit too much? Then why not take a leaf out of Apple’s book and opt out of Cyber Monday all together?

Last year the tech giant gracefully bowed out of Cyber Monday and decided not to cut its prices. Interestingly the move was far from retail sacrilege and in fact pure genius.

As retailers of Apple products cut prices, brand awareness of Apple continued to grow. The genius was that Apple themselves did nothing; they simply sat back and reaped the benefits.

Granted, Apple has little issue in selling its products at full price, there is no financial benefit in following the crowd and cutting their prices, especially with the way they dominate their self made market.

For more information on how to maximise your e-commerce potential this Cyber Monday be sure to get in touch.