Playing with Data – Premier League Player Birthplaces

1.265 Billion Pounds. That’s the eye watering amount Premier League clubs were willing to spend improving their teams this summer. An insane amount of money when you consider the reality of the job role, but a sound investment in terms of business, advertising and selling shirts.

Yet as the transfer window comes to a close and we say hello to record breaking transfer Paul Pogba and goodbye to England’s golden child Joe Hart, the questions have to be asked: what does all this money mean for the make up of our clubs and what does it mean for the opportunities of English players?

So as a digital agency, who is certainly no stranger to data, we wanted to find out: where do our Premier League players come from, and how many are English?

To gather some insights we studied the birthplaces of every single Premier League player from the 1992, 1998, 2004, 2010 and 2016 seasons. To whet your appetite here are just a few of the insights you can find in further detail below…

Did you know…

– Yorkshire continue to produce more Premier League players than any other county outside of London

– Since the inception of the Premier League in 1992, the league is now made up of 40% fewer English players

– Liverpool, in a 2016 city by city comparison, produces the most Premier League players

– France is the biggest contributor of Premier League talent outside of England

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top 10 birthplaces of premier league players


top 10 birthplaces of premier league players by city

1992 vs 2016