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How Does Seasonality Impact PPC Traffic?

On average, there’s a 10.1% increase in online sales each year on Christmas Day.  It’s imperative that you get your PPC campaigns prepped for the season to keep up with demand.

With the leisure, travel and tourism sector in mind, it can be difficult to judge whether your clients are going to flourish over the change in season or have a more challenging time. Here are our top tips on what you can do to stay on top of the competition as the nights draw in.

Check-out Keywords and Phrases on Google Trends
Using key phrases surrounding your clients, see how trend data has differed year-on-year. Cross reference this with your historical PPC data and come up with a plan for where your spend will be most effective and profitable.

If the Christmas period is quieter and less competitive for a brand, take advantage of this. Spend will be less but profits can flourish if there’s less saturation in the market.

Assign Bigger Budgets Where Necessary
If you find that the Christmas period is going to profitable but more competitive, assign some extra budget where possible. Whether this is taken from other campaigns that are quieter over the season or taken from a new pot, your clients are going to benefit from the improved ROI.

Making sure a campaign has a larger impression share whilst staying in a good position will help to remain in a good standing with other keyword bidders.

Reflect the Season in Ad Copy, Extensions and Display
Competition can get fierce over the festive season and the leisure, travel and tourism industry can offer alternative present ideas. Take days out or weekends for example. These create memories over something physical on Christmas Day and consumers are guaranteed to shop around for the best deals to get the most for their money.

Make your clients’ ads stand out with copy, extensions and the creative on displays reflecting your most appealing offers for the season.

Create Seasonal Landing Pages
Generating a memorable landing page that is informative, simple and lays out all the benefits with booking with that company will help to stand out in the crowd.

Bounce rates are higher over the festive period so send consumers to a page specifically for what they are looking for to stop them from shopping around.

Retarget New Users Without Forgetting Loyal Customers
Over Christmas, users will be shopping for items that they probably haven’t considered buying before and therefore will research different offers that are available. Having retargeting in place for search and display campaigns will keep brands on the forefront of customers’ minds and bring them back to convert.

Take advantage of this across various different platforms with frequency capping so your customers don’t become frustrated. Keep in mind your existing customers too for remarketing. Target them with loyalty offers to bring them back to your site over the festive period.

With users that have previously opted-in for marketing, upload email addresses as a custom audience to target more precisely.

Get Your Sites Mobile-Ready
Over the Christmas period, mobile sales account for over 30% of online purchases. Get your PPC campaigns ready for this increase; make sure your landing pages are optimised for mobile and that payment processes are streamlined.

With the influx of people using contactless, Apple or Android pay, it’s now incredibly easy to make purchases directly on mobile without having to input copious amount of details.

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