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Report: Using Data To Shape Consumer Behaviour

Every day, our online behaviour produces an incomprehensible amount of data. The UK’s Market Research Society estimates that the data provided by consumers has a commercial worth of £3-£4 billion.

The sheer amount of data available is extremely positive for any business, regardless of industry. This information can be used to shape marketing strategy and heavily influence the decision making process of potential consumers. If data is collected, analysed and applied effectively it delivers tangible results.

With this in mind, this Reckless report explores how the leisure and hospitality industry can better use the data that is available to them and use it to inform their marketing campaigns.

Key analysis includes:

  • The 5 stages of the online decision-making process
  • Asks ‘what’s the difference between data and ‘big data?’
  • How businesses can effectively use data to influence the decision-making process