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The Reckless #FridaySocial

Welcome to the very first Reckless #FridaySocial where we’ll be sharing a weekly round-up of key social media announcements over the last seven days. Want to share your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you – drop us a line to @Reckless_HQ

Instagram rolls out ‘Save Draft’ feature

At last, the answer to our Instagram tardiness has arrived with the new ‘Save Draft’ feature allowing users to save an image to come back to at a later time.

You can even now do all of your editing, adjusting of effects, changing captions and setting locations, and then simply tap the back arrow at the top left of the screen where you’ll see the ‘Save Draft’ icon appear, automatically saving your images in a user’s Library to come back to later.

You need never lose a beautifully crafted Insta shot again.


Snapchat unveils £100 Google glass-style spectacles

We are LOVING the very first piece of hardware soon to be released by photo and social network Snapchat in the shape of these smart glasses.

The glasses which will retail for £100, come built-in with a video camera that records footage in a circular format and allows the footage to be automatically shared with friends.

The glasses will come in a choice of three colours and unsurprisingly will connect to the Snapchat app without having to be plugged in when connected to Wifi or Bluetooth.

This announcement also comes in the same week as the social network reveal they will now be calling themselves ‘Snap’.

Facebook provide dynamic ads for brick-and-mortar retailers

49% of in-store purchases are influenced by digital interactions, with over half of these taking place on mobile.

As this trend grows, brick-and-mortar retailers have realised the need to unfold their campaigns in order to tap into this ever-growing audience and ultimately shift stock off the shelves.

Facebook have now rolled out dynamic ad capabilities specifically for brick-and-mortar retailers to help this transition. For example, if a fashion retailer wishes to promote a sale occurring nationwide in each and every store, these dynamic ads will only showcase the products which are in stock relative to nearby stores whilst also recognising the prices exclusive to those stores.



Twitter now wants YOU to create your own ‘Moments’

Via a Tweet on Wednesday, the microblogging site Twitter announced its promise to open up the ‘Moments’ curation feature to all users in the not so distance future. 

Until recently, Twitter employees and certain publishing partners had been charged with curating the Moments section – although last month the feature was opened up to a small number of brands and individual influencers.

Although we don’t know an exact date, it’s exciting how soon consumers and brands alike will have the ability to create customised ‘moments’ which collect content from accounts tweeting about a particular subject, even if the user isn’t following the other accounts.

Momento for iMessage turns your photos into GIFs

The iMessage app store is becoming increasingly over-crowded with sticker packs and other such gimmicky apps, yet one which has certainly caught our attention this week is Momento.

Momento is an iMessage-only app that automatically turns your photos from your camera roll into GIFs that you can text to your friends. The best part of this is that you don’t actually have to do anything to create these GIF’s, the app automatically does it for you – #simples!


Linkedin reveals redesign of its desktop website

This week the social network platform Linkedin announced that later this year it will be rolling out a new redesign of its desktop form in a bid to make the site more ‘intuitive’

The new desktop design aims to align closer to the style of the mobile app which was designed in December of last year. Promising to have a cleaner and smoother user experience, the company have indicated that there will be new features similar to the less business-orientated platforms like Facebook.