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Post-Brexit Britain: Change & opportunity within the UK tourism & leisure industry

What impact could Brexit really have on UK tourism?

Due to the economic uncertainty of a post-Brexit Britain, the UK will be forced to seek new opportunities outside the EU across all industries. This includes tourism and leisure which is a major player for the UK economy, worth a staggering £127 billion and responsible for 1.6 million jobs.

With this in mind, we analysed the facts and figures for UK tourism and asked: What impact could Brexit really have on UK tourism?

Figures by Visit Britain in 2015 reveal that 80% of the top ten visiting countries to the UK are from the EU. In order to appeal to a global market, businesses within the tourism and leisure industry must change their approach to digital, ensuring that they engage with a wider audience.

As well as still appealing to those in the UK, we look further afield to one of the largest growing markets, China. We seek to find out what is the UK doing to encourage an increase in Chinese tourism, and more importantly, is it enough?

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