Most Popular Christmas Toys According to Search Data

Christmas is just around the corner and, with the festive season finally here, the search for the perfect gift for your child has finally begun.

With the likes of Amazon, Toys R Us, and Argos releasing what they think (see: the toys that will make them the most profit) will be the hottest selling gifts of the year, are these retailers really accurate?

To find out, we’ve turned to the power of search. Using the complete toy catalogue from Toys R Us, we’ve used Google data to look at which toys your little ones are really searching for this Christmas.

Read the full methodology on how we conducted this study at the bottom of the article.

Most Searched Toys: 2-4 Years

With the interactive Luvabella doll coming out top on almost all major UK retailers suggestions lists, it was a surprise to find that it was in fact the Barbie Dreamhouse that was the most searched toy in this category.

Receiving over 33,000 searches a month, Barbie’s ultimate three story mansion comes with 70 accessories and will be retailing at an eye-watering £230 this Christmas.

Winning the position of the third most searched for toy is the rather impressive Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage with 12,100 searches, while the rest of the Top 10 is dominated by the likes of Little Tikes, Lego and Playmobil.


Most Searched Toys: 5-7 Years

The original Furby hit the market in 1998 selling a total of 27 million units in 12 months. 19 years later and the next generation model, Furby Connect, is due to be this year’s hottest selling toy according to our search data.

Totalling over 800,000 searches a month, the search volume for Furby is particularly impressive with the Furby Connect receiving more searches than the following nine toys put together.

In second position you have the hugely popular Monster High Doll with 204,900 searches per month, while in third place you have another blast from the past with the 1988 Cabbage Patch Kids doll receiving 163,700 searches per month.

Don’t rule out the popularity of the Hatchimals Colleggtible this Christmas either. The hottest selling Christmas gift of 2016 is still a fashionable and desirable toy on kids Christmas lists, with 100,780 searches per month.

Most Searched Toys: 8–11 Years

In the 8-11 category, the most searched for toy is the Razor Crazy Cart. Receiving over 49,700 searches per month, the cart can supposedly reach speeds of up to 12 mph, but may outprice the majority of UK parents with a price tag of almost £200.

Parents may be happier to learn that the second most searched toy is a tad more budget friendly. Priced at £10.99, the Wubble Bubble Ball rakes in more than 32,520 searches per month and looks like a whole load of fun.

Another of our personal favourites is the Bounce-off Game. Touted as the ultimate head-to-head competition game, the game encourages kids to train their hand-eye coordination in a challenging, fun and athletic format. Receiving over 19,160 searches a month, we expect the Bounce-off game to be one of the hottest selling toys of 2017.

Please note that video games have been removed from this section.

Most Searched Toys: 12–14 Years

As preparations get underway for the Christmas launch of the next Star Wars film, we expect anything Jedi or Sith inspired to shoot off the shelves this December.

Our data also supports this hypothesis with five of the Top 10 list emerging as Star Wars inspired toys. The hottest of all is the R2D2 interactive droid. Receiving 9190 searches per month, the droid brings R2D2 to life with sounds effects and action combinations that can all be controlled via remote control.

Other popular toys this year will include a Razor electric scooter (3500 searches per month), Lego Dimensions Ghostbuster (6480 searches per month) and a Remote Control Batmobile (4380 searches per month).

Please note that video games have been removed from this section.

Most Searched Video Games: 3-16 Years

In this study we decided that it would only be fair to conduct a separate analysis of video games. Games dominate in each category, and monthly searches for video games like Fifa 18 total higher than all the toys in the 12-14 years age group put together.

As mentioned above, Fifa 18 is by far the most popular video game this year. 2.2 million searches a month for the ultimate football game. Just to be clear on how popular Fifa 18 actually is – that’s eight times as many searches as the next most popular video game, Destiny 2.

Most Searched Board Games: 3 + Years

It would be easy to believe that the influx of computer and video games over the last two decades has killed off board games, but, contrary to popular opinion, our search data shows that board games are actually thriving.

The most popular of all board game this year is the hilarious Speak Out Game, with 110,230 searches per month. This is closely followed by another fantastically funny game, Pie Face The Show Down that receives over 109,000 searches per month.

Methodology – How Was This Study Conducted?

All statistics that feature in this article have been collected using open data from Google. The list of toys for each age group and category was scraped from the Toys R Us website. When we had the full list from the Toys R Us website we compared the toys with the search volume they receive each month on Video games and board games were removed from the age categories due to their high search volume and analysed as a separate category.

Please find the full dataset here. If you use the data provided you agree to credit Reckless for our work.

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