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Sun sets on travel event

Bateaux Hospitality

The sun has now set on an evening where Reckless brought together numerous senior marketers for an exclusive Reckless Travel, Leisure and Tourism event.

A regular feature of the Reckless events calendar, this year’s Summer Travel event did not disappoint with 17 brands in attendance all sharing experiences, challenges and opinions around the everchanging Travel, Leisure and Tourism landscape.

The Reckless Team and guests set sail for a special evening along the Thames with Bateaux London, enjoying a complimentary
5-course dinner and drinks.

The first, centered on the recent ‘DMA 2017 Focus on Travel’ report, presented by Scott Logie from ReAD Group, which really got questions firing, looking at:

  • How loyalty varies by sector and what are the top reasons for loyalty?
  • What consumers value most when booking a holiday?
  • What consumers determine to be the Top 3 Traits for Travel brands?

The second from the Ski Club Great Britain covered how to make your budgets work harder and top tips to stay ahead of the competition.

If you’re interested in seeing the DMA Report – click here. Further information on the wider presentations can be accessed via the Reckless Marketing Team.

Looking ahead, and off the back of the event, we will continue to support and grow the Travel, Leisure & Tourism sector, tackling challenges and looking at marketing techniques to activate growth for our clients.

A snippet of the challenges we have heard are: 

  • How do you improve loyalty in a very crowded market?
  • How to stay on top of content and stay interesting?
  • When you are part of a multi-brand group, how do you achieve individual brand visibility?
  • How do brands move away from a traditional promotion/discount-led message to a value-add positioning?

Do you have a challenge that your brand is currently tackling that you would like to share with us?

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As travel industry experts, Reckless has helped many brands in this sector to grow, mature digitally and add value to the bottom line. We believe our insights and travel experience can transform many challenges into actionable strategies and high-performing activity.

Reckless hold a number of industry-specific events and insight sessions throughout the year. To get involved, contact us today.

And finally we would like to thank Bateaux London for the service on the night; and Gintensify for their giveaway.

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for hosting such a great evening, my colleagues & I had a brilliant time and really enjoyed getting to know the team a bit more. It would be great to touch base and look at our specific requirements in more detail.”

“What a great idea holding the event on a boat, we loved it! Can we do it again? I will be following up with Kate this week to talk more about managing and achieving our multi-group visibility.”

To read more about our experience and insights in Travel, Leisure & Tourism, click here.

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