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Google Panda Strikes Again

27 updates later, we now have Panda 4.1!

The original Panda update, back in 2011, was the catalyst for the now mantra of many digital and SEO agencies up and down the country… ‘content is king!’ And it’s true, the update was intended to weed out low-quality content and reward sites with high-quality, actively updated content and it has changed the way SEO works, and for the better we say.

So, as we imagined, this latest update is again all about content, which sites really push great quality content and who are the prolific copy and pasters? There are two main points to Panda 4.1:

  • now identifying low-quality content with even more precision
  • they have added a few new signals that shows low quality to its algorithm, but these signals aren’t public

So the good news is that the update will be great for small- to medium-sized businesses who prioritise top quality content. The bad news is that if any of these new ‘signals’ indicate to Google that you’re not up to their standards for your content, then you’ll be penalised, even if you are doing everything else right!

So What To Do If You’ve Been ‘Panda’d?’

If you’ve noticed an improvement in your rankings, huzzah, you’ve benefited from this update. However if you’ve seen a drop in your rankings then I’m afraid, you’ve been Panda’d (trying to start a new phrase here!)

The main things to do if you think you have been affected are:

  • improve your content strategy, frequency of updates and take a look at what your competitors are doing.
  • delete any duplicate content and try not to just change the odd word in something you have copied and pasted, by the looks of things, Google will find you out

But the biggest piece of advice we could give you, be unique, be original, be frequent and don’t be afraid to try something new with the content you are putting out there, it could be the key to your success!