Creating Content For Contents Sake

How much content is too much content? Difficult question right?…. Well no, not really, especially if you are working to a dedicated content marketing strategy. But let’s be honest when was the last time you checked your ‘to do’ list, let alone reviewed your content marketing plan?! Often businesses create content without even realising it, falling into the common trap of creating content for content’s sake.

In my last blog, ‘What is Content Marketing Anyway?’ I discussed the mass of content that we, as a society, create. So much so, that we will never actually be able to consume all of the content we produce. So why are marketers still creating content I hear you cry?! In the words of Sergei; “simples”… Because it is a perfect strategy for attracting, engaging and retaining meaningful relationships with your customers.

To fully understand whether you have fallen into the content black hole, you must first refer to your content marketing strategy. Don’t have one? Then I am sorry to tell you that, yes, you are probably creating content for content’s sake.

But don’t worry you are by no means alone; a report by the Content Marketing Institute found that 44% of businesses aren’t clear on what a successful content marketing program looks like. Businesses often lack an effective content strategy. But no strategy is better than a poorly executed strategy, right?


Creating content for content’s sake can have a negative effect on your brand. Enhancement in brand authority, customer loyalty and brand awareness… gone. So what to do?

The ‘WWOWW’ Approach

Here at Reckless we adopt a very simple approach to content marketing, we like to call it the ‘WWOWW’ approach… because “wow”, it really is that simple!



Why are you spending time on this; what are you trying to achieve by creating this piece of content? Rule number one; if it doesn’t serve a purpose, then don’t do it.


Who is your target audience, who are you trying to attract and engage with by producing this content?


Once you have created your content, what are you going to do with it? (And please don’t say “stick it on our website”… think bigger and better… think about your delivery vehicles).


Create an action plan detailing time frames and deadlines… and stick to it!

Once you have answered these series of questions, you are then in a position to create epic content! But surely it isn’t that simple? Well these brands show that it is:

Callaway Golf

Callaway scores a hole in one when it comes to content on its YouTube channel. Hosting ‘how to’ videos to pond skipping challenges, the range of videos offers great content that isn’t overly salesy. What’s better is that the content is free, you don’t have to be a customer to benefit from all this great information.

What’s more is the actual wealth of content available, however each piece always serves a core purpose. Collectively this allows Callaway to boost brand authority, customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Callaway Golf


Stain removal powder, Vanish leaves no stain unturned with their “Tip Exchange”. This online forum is a community of tips on how best to remove everyday stains. Again, this content is free, but the key difference here is that the content is user generated.

User generated content (UGC) is a powerful influencer when it comes to purchasing behaviour, even more so for millennials, who are 50% more likely to trust UGC than any other media.

Over the years, the tip exchange has become a library of content, all serving the common purpose of providing a central source of information for stain removal, with Vanish becoming synonymous with the cleaning products to do that.


The Content Key

The key to understanding if you are creating too much (or too little) content is to first have a clear content marketing strategy. Once you have this in place you can then benchmark your performance against your marketing objectives and measure the success of your efforts.

In my next blog I will discuss how you can measure the ROI on your content marketing efforts, so watch this space for my latest installment.

If you can’t wait until then and feel like you could do with some emergency help in regard to content marketing, simply contact our dedicated content SOS line.

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