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3 Ways Technology Can Enhance Company Culture

Over the last couple of weeks I have been writing about company culture. Specifically, I have been talking about how culture permeates all areas of a business, specifically marketing.

Technology is not usually associated with culture, but as an increased number of millennials start to join the workforce it is important that businesses consider how they are going to attract, engage and retain them – a bit like the plan that you have to attract, convert and retain your customers’ loyalty.

Furthermore, as a society, our consumption of IT has significantly increased over the last decade, with multiple screen working becoming the norm.

Technology holds the key to empowering employees to work better, more efficiently and vitally, more collaboratively. Let me show you…

A Collaborative Working Environment

Hands up who remembers the days when the thought of multiple people working on the same document was, well, just that; a thought – a distant dream.

However, advancements in cloud based technology means collaboration has never been easier. The real time capabilities of cloud based technology such as Google Docs and Microsoft 365 mean that files are no longer stored in silo, locked to one user.

Research by Forrester found that the implementation of cloud based technology can bring about improved collaboration and time efficiencies ranging from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Cloud based technology means that teamwork has never been more feasible.

Social Chat

Now before you start hyperventilating I am not suggesting that your team should start discussing and organising social events during work hours. No, breathe. By ‘social chat’ I mean the use of applications such as Slack; a real time instant messaging application. Like MSN, but for adults if you will.

Emails are out of day, yet we still manage to get hundreds of the things hitting up our inbox every single day. An educated guess tells me that you have at least 50 unread emails just lying there (and I am being conservative with that figure!)

Applications such as Slack encourages peer-to-peer interaction and makes for a much more collaborative, informal working environment. No one wants to send a formal email everytime they have a question to ask. Plus, the chances are the email is likely to get lost in the inbox minefield and you will still be waiting a week later to find out how many visitors that blog article drove to the website.

Less Human Resources, More Human Assets

HR is so old hat. Seriously, how cold and derived of emotion is the phrase; “human resource”. Employees are the lifeblood of any organisation. They are not a resource, they are an asset.

As previously discussed, culture has a direct impact upon the customer experience. If your systems and process are out of date, this is likely to directly reflect in customer experience. This also applies to your systems and processes surrounding HR.

The obligatory 6 month “chat” or review is neither an enjoyable experience for employee or employer. Seriously, a lot can happen in 6 months – every day employees encounter challenges and successes.

Utilising employee engagement platforms such as 15Five allows for an ongoing, two way conversation between employers and employees. You wouldn’t just speak to you customers every 6 months would you? Your employees are no different. Gaining ongoing feedback from employees allows you to amend and adapt your culture to meet the needs not only of the business, but also your employees and in turn, your customers.

Company culture is inherently dynamic. As technology advances so too should your business culture. Technology can bring about numerous cultural wins, those outlined above a just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want to hear more about how company culture can have a positive impact upon not only your marketing activities, but your wider business be sure to sign up to my free webinar ‘How Your Workplace Culture Can Affect Business Performance’ on Wednesday 2nd November. Simply click here to register.