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  • Future of Online Security

    The Future of Online Security

    1st June 2018

    It has been hard to avoid the plethora of emails and pressure from companies to review their privacy policy over the last few weeks. With the new GDPR laws coming into effect on 25th May, all businesses regardless of size, have been updating their privacy policies and terms and conditions in line with the new GDPR laws. Although considered an inconvenience by many, GDPR is designed to protect your...

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  • Blogs

    Snapchat: From Social to Business

    15th February 2016

    It has arguably been seen as the black sheep of the social media world. Plagued with bad press and tarnished a “sexting app”, the social media platform Snapchat hasn’t had an easy ride since its launch back in September 2011. But with high-end fashion brands such a Burberry and Michael Kors st...

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